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The Story of Infinity Innovation

Welcome & Main Offer

Welcome to Infinity Innovation, where we reimagine the future of fashion and hospitality apparel solutions. In a rapidly evolving industry, it's time to rethink your business strategy and embrace the power of relentless innovation. As industry pioneers and disruptors, we offer a cutting-edge range of services to propel your business forward. Our strategic digital consultancy empowers you to stay ahead in the digital era, making knowledge-driven decisions that drive success. But it doesn't stop there. We're champions of sustainability, helping you create a positive impact through eco product development and sustainable manufacturing practices. By embracing customization and personalization through our collaboration platform, you can forge deeper connections with your customers.

Sustainability Note

Crestwell, our sustainable Hotel and Hospitality brand, embodies our commitment to ESG principles and responsible practices. With meticulous inventory controls and a focus on sustainability, Crestwell redefines fashion with an eco-conscious approach. From sourcing organic and recycled materials to implementing sustainable manufacturing processes, we aim to address many of the pain points within the industry.  Join us in embracing a new era of fashion that reflects your values with Crestwell and Infinity Innovation.

Brief About

At Infinity Innovation, we redefine the fashion and hospitality apparel industry through AI-driven digital enablement and vertical solutions. Our expertise in B2C and DTC strategies empowers brands to connect directly with customers and gain a competitive edge. With trend and competitive analysis capabilities, we keep you one step ahead, while our commitment to sustainability and ESG ensures your business aligns with conscious consumer demands.


Join us in reshaping the future of fashion and hospitality apparel solutions. It's time to rethink, innovate, and thrive with Infinity Innovation.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Revolutionize manufacturing with smart, sustainable practices for exceptional quality and turn times.

Eco Product Development

Embrace sustainability with innovative recyclable and eco-friendly solutions.

Digital Consultancy

Unlock your business's digital potential with strategic guidance and knowledge-driven decision-making.

Customization / MTM

Deliver personalized experiences with made-to-measure solutions.

Collaboration Platform

Foster customization and deep customer connections through our collaborative platform.

Biotech Coating

Enhance apparel performance and longevity with cutting-edge safety biotechnology.

ESG Integration

Demonstrate sustainability, responsible practices with our CO emissions scoring.

Trend & Competitive

Stay ahead with insights into emerging trends and cost competition across competitors.

Service Highlights

Innovation-driven Solutions:

Embrace relentless innovation in fashion and hospitality apparel.

and more...

Our Clients

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