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Sustainable Design

Using technology to reduce physical samples, resources, waste, and carbon footprint. 


Our sustainable design process incorporates 3D garment simulation software to transform 2D patterns to 3D digital samples, reducing waste and optimizing fit and functionality.


Our 3D co-create platform enables designers to experiment with sustainable design elements, creating multiple design combinations in less time. Using digital fabric and garment blocks, it reduces waste and enhances creativity.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Production

Smart factory combines manufacturing with data-driven decision-making. Data is transferred between the main office, cutting room, and shop floor, which will help reduce waste and increase efficiency.


Our Intelligent Cutting Room uses smart factory technology to optimize the production process. With advanced automation and machine learning, it reduces waste, improves quality control, and increases efficiency. Real-time monitoring and data analysis ensure sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


Our MES Production Line enables sustainable production through real-time monitoring and data analysis. It tracks energy consumption, material usage, and production metrics, reducing waste and improving quality control. The technology optimizes the production process while remaining efficient and cost-effective.

Steps_9 Steps (Highlight 5 speed manufacturing).jpg
Sustainable Production

Sustainable Supply Chain

Our holistic approach to sustainability covers every step of the supply chain, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing green manufacturing practices. 


Our sustainable supply chain minimizes environmental impact with innovative technologies and eco-friendly materials. Our SMART logistics system optimizes transport routes and reduces emissions, while ethical labor practices and green manufacturing further enhance sustainability.

Sustainale Supply Chain
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