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Both Alex and Isabelle were design colleagues from a previous company. We wanted to extend our digital asset to them, allowing them to create their own brand within a four month period and at very low cost and overhead structure. We started with our business plan template, and walked them through their vision, expectations, formatted and then empowered their vision.

MEET-CUTE, the brain child of design duo Alex and Isabelle Rosenwald is launching in September, 2021.  Alex and Isabelle Rosenwald met studying fashion in London 15 years ago and fell in love.  They moved to New York City where they have been living for the past 12 years working as designers for numerous high-end fashion companies.In March of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the fashion industry hard and in the same week, they were both rendered jobless.  For the first time in their professional lives, they could finally use their experience and knowledge and focus on their own vision and thus, MEET-CUTE was born. 

MEET-CUTE is an ethical streetwear and accessories brand for men and women designed in New York City. All clothing is made from “upcycled” existing fabrics.  Utilizing existing fabrics means that quantities are limited, reducing the ability to re-cut styles. This makes for unique Limited-Edition pieces which will come as capsule drops and launches to the market.  The goal of MEET-CUTE is to use what exists and make an incredible product doing so with a minimal impact on the planet. “In partnering with INFINITY INOVATION, we have been able to launch our brand without having to take a huge financial risk.  INFINITY INOVATION is a one stop shop where we have access to a team who can source fabrics and trims, render 3D Avatars, and support all our manufacturing needs.  We are also able to cut pieces to order which not only is much more sustainable, it has also reduced our overhead immensely.  This platform has allowed us as a Startup to get our brand up and running seamlessly from initial sketch to final product.” 

• Minimize all start up and burn rate costs, through this read and react model.

• Work with prospective start ups, on business plan creation and which lays out the road map ahead.

• Allow designers to concentrate on what they do best, the front end!

• Enable these plans to come to light through partnership and mentoring.

• Create a sell, manufacturer and ship model.

• Work only within the digital core and platform throughout all execution and processes.

• Provide Direct to consumer or drop shipment capabilities. 

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