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Finger on the Map

Small and Medium Enterprise


Happy to announce that we are partnering with Grayer's to provide them with a solution to grow their various Omni Channels. Key focus is on E-Commerce growth by providing a fast, flexible and dynamic solution. Currently in the first phase of building out their digital asset and dynamic fulfilment.


In 2020 we started to work with YBREN,China. Brand focus was centred around providing a customised tailoring solution for both Women and Men. Through our digital platform we were not only able to custom fit, but also allow customers to choose individual details, creating a full interactive experience.

Made to Measure (MTM)



• Customized digital development capabilities, through avatar creation, block, fabric and print libraries.

• Providing transparent back-end capabilities through the whole process.

• Digital renderings of products for website creation, to eliminate time and cost.

• Centralized communication portal.

• Providing a on demand solution, for factory to store, and/or drop shipment capabilities.

• Providing a guaranteed, 3week process, from approval to receipt of goods.

• Partner in core fabric positing.

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