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Infinity Innovation was pleased to be invited as one of the Keynote Speakers at the World Digital Textile Forum, across their 2 day Initiatives showcasing best in class solutions currently available within the industry.

Infinity covered a broad range of issues in how to begin Digital Transformation. We focused on current market forces, customer expectations, transformation roadmaps and their Implementation. Please click on the link below to hear Co Founder Mark Russell speak about these in detail.

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(8/8) We are delighted to have our Co-Founder Mark Russell sit down with corben&lane for their Coffee & Conversation series with Irina Kapetanakis to discuss Diversity of Digitalisation. Check out the 8-part snippet series and stay tuned for the full video release!

  • Flexible

  • Inclusive

  • Diverse

  • Impactful

Be sure to contact us at for enquiries and more!

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